Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Eureka vacuum cleaners have been around for a long
time. Founded by Fred Wardell in 1909 in Southern
Michigan, Eureka became an early leader the
manufacture of electric vacum cleaners. The eureka
vacuum cleaners continue to be manufacture by its
parent company Electrolux to this day. Famous for its
line of Boss vacuum cleaner models, Eureka’s modern
line of vacuums are cleaning homes in more than 40
countries around the world.  They continue to use
innovation to stay on top of the very competitive vacuum
clearner market. Throughout the world Eureka vacuum
cleaners are known for their quality.

The Eureka vacuum cleaner or as it is commonly known
name Electrolux are part of a large company that
produces a wide range of consumer and commercial
appliances. These products include kitchen stoves and
refrigerators. Eureka vacuum cleaners are distributed
under more than 100 different models that range from
uprights to their line of central vacuum cleaner systems.
The later system is normally installed during new
housing construction. Vacuum sites or inlets are
situated through out the house and all the home owner
needs to do is carry a length of hose and power head to
each room that needs to be cleaned. Dirt, dust, mold,
allergens and biologics are all deposited into a central
containment unit. Some Eureka vacuum models are
design to have the ability exhaust to the outside thereby
removing most allergens from the structure. Eureka
vacuum cleaners have the state the art filters including
HEPA on most models to keep your home clean and

Current Eureka vacuum cleaner models have innovative
features that include a Telescopic Self-Cleaning duster
that use electrostatic charged duster that attracts dust
from as far away as 3 feet. Another rather unique feature
is the Power Paw with a Risor Visor that facilitates clean
stairways including the stair risers. The power head
cover rolls back to expose the brush that allow the roller
to contact the carpet on the stair riser. These
innovations and the addition of a line of a new line
powerful lightweight models will keep Eureka vacuum
cleaners in demand.

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner