Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
The Word Hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaner in
fact within the British Isles Hoover means vacuum
cleaner. Credited with the invention of the rolling beater
bar Hoover Vacuum Cleaners have been in the business
of making vacuums for almost a century. Within the last
15 years competition from low priced competitors and
changes in technology have reduced the companies
market share. Hoover vacuums have recently become
more competitive with application of new bag less
technology in its upright series and diversifying into
other floor cleaning products.
Hoover vacuum cleaners that have the new technology
do perform very well but are not cheap. Hoovers
WindTunnel brand is considered one of the top rated
upright vacuums on the market today. Features like self
propulsion, special pet hair cleaner, beater bar stop for
hardwood floors, and edge groomer for cleaning next to
base boards are great cleaning aids. Probably the
greatest feature of the Hoover WindTunnel  model  is its
suction power. The bag less system allow greater air flow
and thus better dirt pickup. In addition Hoover Vacuum
Cleaners come with larger HEPA filters to aid increase
suction power.
The company still makes Hoover vacuum cleaners that
use the older bag technology for dirt capture. Recently
studies have shown that vacuum cleaners that use bags
in conjunction with a quality HEPA filter do a better job or
removing allergens, fine particles, dust mites and other
biologics than bag less designs. The companies
WidePath model uses this combination of both old and
new technologies to prevent the vacuum cleaners
exhaust air from reintroducing fine pollutants into the air.
In many cases a poorly design vacuum can cause severe
allergic reactions due to poor filtration. It appears that
Hoover vacuum cleaners have solved this problem.
Purchasing Hoover vacuum cleaners is really quite easy.
Most big box retail and home improvement stores carry
Hoover products. In addition Hoover Vacuum Cleaners
can also be purchase online from many credible sources.
One must be careful when purchasing a Hoover no
matter what the source. The company still produces a
cheaper less durable line of vacuums that should be
avoided. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is
especially true when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.
Finding parts for Hoover Vacuum Cleaners has always
been relatively easy. Again parts can be located on the
Internet as well as many local retail stores like Wal Mart
and Target.
Hoover has additional specialized floor cleaning models
for wood and tile floors as well as a line of steam carpet
cleaners. The companies product diversification along
with its focus on developing new technologies will
continue to make it a strong competitor in the floor
cleaning product business. You can expect Hoover
vacuum cleaners to be around for a long time.

  Hoover Vacuum Cleaners