Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
If you own a pool then you already know how much work
it is to keep it clean. A pool vacuum is an absolute
necessity to maintaining any pool. Using the right
chemicals to keep the water clean from algae and other
harmful pathogens goes a long way to keep the water
crystal clear and inviting. However most pools are
located outside and subject to airborne dirt, dust and
bugs each day. Even if you have a good quality screened
pool cage dirt and grime get into the pool basin. The only
effective way to clean the pool is with a pool vacuum
system. Most in ground pools have a skimmer located at
the edge of the pool to remove floating debris like leaves
and bugs. A pool drain inlet is normally located at the
bottom of the pool and is used to remove dirt and
waterlogged debris that has sunk to the bottom of the
pool. When the pool vacuums system is running the
skimmer and bottom inlet are feeding dirty water to the
pool pump. The pool vacuums pump works just like your
vacuum in your home. The pump creates suction that
pulls the dirt to a canister or filter tank that removes the
dirt and filters the water and returns it to the pool. A timer
turns the vacuum pump on and off each day as

Pool vacuums are very much like a canister vacuum in
that the have the ability to use a hose and wand to sweep
the side and bottom of the pool to remove dirt that is
adhered to the pool walls. The process of sweeping a
pool can be time consuming and may take up to more
than an hour. Using the long wand or pole that may be 20
feet long is really quite boring. You must be patient, if you
sweep to fast the dirt will become suspended into the
water column and the pool vacuum will not remove it.
Depending on local conditions a pool should be swept at
least once a week to keep it clean. Automatic pool
sweepers that move across the pool bottom are a good
alternative to manual sweeping. The pool vacuums
suction cause a valve on the sweeper head to open and
close causing the sweeper to crawl around the bottom
the pool. The crawler sweeper normally has brushes to
help the pool vacuums to do their job of cleaning.
Basically you could not have a clean and sanitary pool
that you would be willing to swim in without the pool
vacuums assistance.

                                Pool Vacuums