Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons:::::Roomba Vacuum

Roomba Vacuum

Roomba vacuum by iRobot Corporation is a very unique
room is vacuumed at least 4 times assuring total cleaning
coverage. You simply place the unit in the middle of the
room push a button and the Roomba vacuum it goes to

The size of the Roomba vacuum allows it to easily slide
under furniture and beds get into areas that many
standard vacuum cleaners just do not reach. The cross
brushing action easily grabs pet hair and dirt. The
Roomba even senses areas that are very dirty and
continues to work the area until it is clean. Sensors also
alert the vacuum cleaner to stairs to keep it falling down
them. The unit comes with two virtual walls that keep the
Roomba in the area that you want cleaned. It will also
clean along walls with special wall brushes but is gentle
enough not to damage wallboards and furniture. You may
find that are some areas that the 13 inch Roomba will not
be able to reach so you will have to clean these areas
with a conventional vacuum cleaner. However the
Roomba Vacuum cleaner will clean almost all room floor

Setting up a Roomba vacuum is relatively easy since they
come with a great set of instructions. Feedback by
Roomba owners indicate a great deal of satisfaction with
the Roomba vacuum. Warranted for one year including
parts and service the unit does have a good record of
reliability. Support is readily available by both email and
phone. For anyone who does not want to waste time
cleaning their floors the Roomba vacuum is a great

Roomba Vacuum
system that uses a robot
vacuum to clean your house
or office. Probably the best
part of owning a Roomba is
that you do not have to be
there during The the cleaning
process. The Roomba
vacuum once set up can
clean your house while you
sleep or while you are at
work.In addition when it is
done cleaning or needs to
recharge its battery it
automatically returns to its
charging station. Sensors
inside the Roomba assure
that the entire