Complete summary of André Breton’s Manifesto of Surrealism. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Manifesto of Surrealism. Andre Breton discusses the meaning, aims, and political position of the Surrealist movement. Manifestoes of Surrealism has ratings and 58 reviews. Manifestoes of Surrealism is a book by André Breton, describing the aims, meaning, and political .

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On writing them, these elements are, to all appearances, as strange to you as to others, and naturally you are wary of them. For the most part I retain only what I can glean from its most superficial layers.

It appeared to me,and still does — the manner in which the phrase about the man sliced in two came to me bears witness to it — that the speed of thought is no greater than that of speech, and does not necessarily defy capture in language, nor even the flow of the pen.

Men and circumstances generally modify the ideal train of circumstances, so that is seems imperfect; and their consequences are also equally imperfect. The imagination is perhaps on the point of reasserting itself, bretom reclaiming its rights. A sofa with a tall curved back, an oval table opposite the sofa, a dressing table and mirror set against the overmantel, chairs against the walls, two or three etchings of little value, representing German girls holding birds in their hands — amounted to all the furniture.

Already the title obstructs me. Who could convince him that this power of making a first draft will only do him a disservice if he chooses to establish more delicate relations? zndre

Surrealist Manifesto – Wikipedia

I wanted to go back to sleep but could not. I took cursory note of it and prepared to move on when its organic character caught my attention. So long as we remain merely human, “existence is elsewhere” The Surrealist sees and interprets the world from the eyes of the unconscious. And in fact the attention it pays is purely external; it only has time to accept or reject, generally reject, with all the consideration a man can summon. Thus endowed with a small number of physical and moral characteristics, these beings, who in truth owe so little to you, will no longer depart from a fixed mode of conduct with which you no longer need to occupy yourself.


It is what engenders all the ridiculous books, and insulting plays of our day. You might as well speak of the talent of this platinum ruler, this mirror, this door, and of the sky, if you like.

When that happens, a new morality must be substituted for the prevailing morality, the source of all our trials and tribulations. Because of this gloss, it even in a sense ceases to happen. It may be argued that this childish description has its place, and that at this point in the novel the author has his reasons for burdening me with it, but he is wasting his time since I avoid entering his room. Surrealism will introduce you to death which is a secret society.

André Breton

If the depths of mqnifesto mind contain within it strange forces capable of augmenting those on the surface, or of waging a victorious battle against them, there is every reason to seize them — first to seize them, then, if need be, to submit them to the control of our reason.

Boiffard, and after them Jacques Baron and his brother, handsome and cordial, and so many others besides, and gorgeous women, I might add. These manifestos lay out the politics of the movement better than any of Breton’s interpreters, who keep proliferating the cliched that he was “the pop of surrealism.

Also, oddly, I felt that the first fully-realized surrealist film came decades later, and was not generally seen as part of the movement, but in my opinion, that’s what it was at heart: On the basis of these discoveries a current of opinion is finally forming by means of which the human explorer will be able to carry his investigation much further, authorized as he will henceforth be not to confine himself solely to the most summary realities.

What is worth noting is that nothing allows us to presuppose a greater dissipation of the elements of which the dream is constituted. He was devoted to his sacred fever. Dictated by thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, free of any aesthetic or moral concern.

We are therefore obliged to admit that the two terms of the image are not deduced one from the other by the mind for the specific purpose of producing the spark, that they are the simultaneous products of the activity I call Surrealist, reason’s role being limited to taking note of, and appreciating, the luminous phenomenon.


I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events than to those occurring in dreams. It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the metaphor, which enjoys every freedom in Surrealism, leaves far behind the sort of prefabricated analogy that. It is even permitted to employ the title POEM for what we obtain from as gratuitous a collection as possible observe, if you will, the syntax of headlines and fragments of headlines snipped from newspapers: Dostoevski, Crime and Punishment.

The author seizes on a character, and, this being granted, makes the hero wander about the world. Here are some characters rather different in appearance; their names in your handwriting are a question of capital letters, and they will conduct themselves with the same ease with respect to active verbs as does the impersonal pronoun “it” with respect to words such as “is raining,” “is,” “must,” etc.

It goes forward, borne by these images which enrapture it, which scarcely leave it any time to blow upon the fire in its fingers. The circumstantial, needlessly specific nature of each of their notations leads me to believe that they are perpetrating a joke at my expense.

Man proposes and disposes. You will say that is not very encouraging. Apr 30, Raul Ramos rated it really liked it. The outbuildings are too numerous to mention, and, as for the interior, it has been frightfully restored, in such manner as to leave surreaalism to be desired from the viewpoint of comfort. Nonetheless, with this thought-writing, where one is at the mercy of the first outside distraction, “ebullutions” can occur.