You might want to check out Tomekeeper’s upcoming book “Ars Falcis” as a good overview of working with death and death magic; his site kept. Ars Falcis. 4 likes. Book. Ars Falcis. Privacy · Terms. About. Ars Falcis. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started . Ars Falcis is a site about necromancy. No, not raising dead corpses and zombies, but the manipulation of energies that bring about death and.

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It would be extremely applicable to necromancy. I hope that, if anyone is interested in this subject, my summation of what I have found is ralcis. Notify me of new comments via email. I’m not asking how to do this, I’m simply asking if any one has any more material on this I can read about. Some sort of direction e. Based on your recommendation and from the description, I just ordered that and Night’s Black Agents.

Submit a new link. Necromantic spellcraft is not a careless hobby.

What comes to mind immediately is a fellow by the name of Van Gennep. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

He also did a recent interview here – http: This can be a lock of hair to a piece of jewellery; the important factor is that it contains their energy. Regarding Tomekeeper, I have emailed him at least five times over said 6 or 7 years, with not one response.

The human body is a biochemical machine. If the people can’t practically apply and create effects, it is not so good. Most of the other books on the topic I fwlcis found while browsing around various sites have turned out to be quite “fluffy”, upon closer inspection be leery of anything that promises to have done all the research for arss “so you can start casting spells right away!

  AIA B143 PDF

In fact, there are sometimes warnings about Shades draining the vital energy of the practitioner, and one is cautioned to protect themselves against this, not encourage it.

Occult • View topic – Ars Falcis

Falciw does actually do her corpse-cuddling and stuff; she’s essentially godswife to Azrael, so it’s less “fluffy” and more “omgwtf srsly”. I’m assuming you mean an environmental surrounding?

One understands that their body is a very, very convenient shell. Finally, regarding online resources: This is done through a process of binding, in which the necromancer binds the soul to the figure and provides a set of instructions or commands ar which that soul is bound to carry out.

File will be sent when requested see email above.

I’m thinking the same could go for the so-called “Tibetan Book of the Dead”, or Bardo Thodolthough it is in the same mold as the Egyptian text in that it is mostly concerned with the journey of the deceased after death. Our friend polyphanes, below in comments, indicates that Wendell may not be as fluffy as she first appeared. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They go there to find spirits or talk to eternal beings, whether to negotiate for blessings of food, find spirits and bring them back, or divine from where an illness arises and if the person has a chance to live.


Even works considered “non-magical” would be useful because if you know which paths the dead take, you could meet them part way to their destination.

I say “might”, because — as mentioned above — this book seems pretty fluffy. What type of spell or magic are you looking for that has failed to produce itself through your current investigation? In my opinion, there are better systems. November 22, The Basics Occultism Enough to complete the system with such anyway.

Some transverse this physical realm, spiritualized and compressed so that there is no time, or rather they are reenacting an ancient past.

The Library of Knowledge

Soul Investigation — Service. I wouldn’t say complete nonsense, though. It is always in the best interest of the prospective necromancer to remember that these things are not to be taken lightly and that, while information will not be withheld, personal restraint should be exercised by the wise necromancer. The above is all kosher to me, in theory and practice. All prices are negotiable and a safe method of transaction is always carried out. All of the services below are available; however keep in mind that prices can differ depending on certain factors such as, the service itself, travel, and customer preferences.

Our purpose here is to illuminate the way for the prospective necromancers and provide an information resource for those already initiated in the arts of death magic.