As an economic policy framework, ASGISA was underpinned by a sectorally focused industrial policy, with support to the manufacturing sector and broad. The next phase of the country’s economic policy is to be driven by the and Shared Growth Initiative, but it’s not entirely clear what Asgisa is. Some broad policy areas had been identified as main pillars for ASGISA to accelerate economic growth, including macroeconomic issues, infrastructure.

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Deficiencies in logistics are keenly felt in a country of South Africa’s size, with considerable concentration of production inland, and which is some distance from the major industrial markets. Where necessary, the programme will be amended or supplemented. Asgisaa may also include mentoring and overseas placement of trainees to fast-track their development.

The R1-billion programme recently announced by the Industrial Development Corporation IDC and the National Empowerment Fund’s venture fund will make a considerable impact on the growth of small businesses. The DBSA is compiling a database of ‘retired experts’ for this and further possible deployments. Realistically assessing the capabilities of the economy and the international environment, we have set a two-phase target. In spite of major improvements in the administration of fiscal and monetary policy, currency volatility deters investors in tradable goods and services outside of the commodity sector.

The project managed by the DBSA will deploy an estimated total of expert staff, with the first 30 to be deployed in April The recent growth has been based oplicy a combination of strong commodity prices, strong capital inflows and strong domestic consumer demand, given impetus by anti-poverty measures, growing employment and rising asset prices.

Part of the purpose of AsgiSA is to focus the energy of government and its partners. This includes support for the Umsobomvu Youth Fund initiative to register unemployed graduates on their database, and engage with business to participate in this initiative.


In the same period South Africa has also had several very large inward foreign direct investment transactions. Kgomotso Nyanto reports from Johannesburg.

Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa (AsgiSA) – The O’Malley Archives

The mediocre performance of the small, medium and micro business sector in terms of contribution to GDP and employment partly arises from the sub-optimal regulatory environment.

The general purpose is to improve the availability and reliability of infrastructure services in response to rapidly growing demand. The South African economy remains relatively concentrated, especially in upstream production sectors such as iron and steel, paper and chemicals and inputs such as telecommunications and energy.

A commitment in the Financial Services Poliyc of Asgosa billion to small business loans is still to be finalised as a programme, but we expect progress shortly under the new leadership of the Charter. The Free Dictionary https: Key issues are marketing, air access, safety and skills development.

Yesterday popicy another country, he said, as optimism grows in South Africa. The National African Chamber of Commerce has committed to establish new small and medium enterprises per year, and government will support these efforts. Expectations for the current strong performance to continue are high – forecasts by banks and ratings agencies generally indicate expectations of growth continuing at around 4.

The O’Malley Archives

There are several other interventions designed to support small businesses. AsgiSA includes some specific measures of response to the challenges of exclusion and the Second Economy.

As part of AsgiSA, this programme will be expanded beyond its original targets. What these industries have in common is that they are labour-intensive, rapidly growing sectors worldwide, suited to South African circumstances, and open to opportunities for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment BBBEE and small business development.


These large interventions will be supported by the development of the Small Enterprise Development Agency based at the DTI, which is rolling out its services, making a stronger operational distinction between small poolicy medium business and micro businesses, and adding to its capacity to take small businesses into manufacturing.

Its job will be to identify urgent skills needs and quick and effective solutions. As recognized by the asyisa ASGISA strategy document, the level and volatility of the real exchange rate undermines the expected profitability and the risk associated with export-related activities.

There will be similar placement programmes in South African companies. Regarding macro-economic issues, one challenge is to find strategies to reduce the volatility and overvaluation of the currency; another is to ensure that within an inflation targeting regime fiscal and monetary policy asisa together to produce sustained and shared growth.

ASGISA – What does ASGISA stand for? The Free Dictionary

The RIA will add well-designed procedures first developed in the United Kingdom to reduce or eliminate the negative unintended consequences of laws and regulations, especially on job creation. Many investment projects are unnecessarily held up by the weakness of local or provincial planning and qsgisa systems, or the cumbersome Environmental Impact Assessment EIA system.

A complementary activity must be improvements in the planning and zoning systems of provincial and local governments.

Each of these selected economic activities embodies different economic characteristics–one’s different from each other and different from the objectives set out in ASGISA and the NIS. References in periodicals archive?