Phone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your phone and more at ManualsOnline. D+, D+. D+,. and LD+ Telephones. User’s Guide. Back Panels: Front Panels: Programming and · Feature Codes · Displays · Your Telephone. View and Download Avaya D+, D+, D+, LD+ user manual online. Avaya IP Office telephone system User Guid D+, D+, D+.

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To use with the feature code: To turn Privacy on: Using FeaturesSpecialCharactersFeatures that dial numbers automatically may need specialcharacters to allow for correct dialing or system response. Y our T elephone.

There are two types of Pickup: Page 12 Programming and Feature Codes Call Handling Features continued Pickup Pickup allows you to answer calls that are ringing, parked, or on hold anywhere in the system. The display shows Drop. F appears on the display. Label a button as “Feature. To post a message: Press any line button used to connect a participant.

Desk/ Wall Mount Kit for Magix D+,D+, IP and

Programming and Feature CodesCovering Calls Features continued Direct Voice Direct Voice Mail allows you to place or transfer a call directly toanother person s voice mail without ringing that person sMailtelephone. Busy slow repeating tone The phone you are calling is busy. Individual Coverage can be Primary or Secondary Coverage. You can also program a button with a paging group extension by using the Auto Dial feature see “Auto Dial” under “Dialing Features”.


Ringing Options Personalized By using the Personalized Ringing options, you can select one of eight different ringing patterns for your telephone, making it Ring easier to distinguish its ring from those of other telephones. From the Home screen: Use Individual Pickup to pick up a call forone specific extension. Check with your System Manager. To program a Saved Number Dial button: For Latin American Spanish: To retrieve the call or conference on hold, press the linebutton next to the fast-flashingGreen Light a call you puton hold or the slow-flashingGreen Light a call put onhold at another extension.

Page 23 Menu Exit Error alternating high-low tones You dialed or used a feature incorrectly. Toreturn to normal operation, press Mute again.

To program an Inspect button: Must be first entry in sequence. Dialing an outside telephone number or an extension.

Avaya 4424LD+ User Manual

To use posted messages, you must program a Posted Message button. Must be first entry insequence. Posted 440d6 should be programmed on a button with LEDs.

Buttons youlabel and program are represented by red letters on a whitebackground CampOn. Slow-flashing green Someone else has put a call on hold on this line avaha. To program a Drop button: Used to signal end of dialing sequence for Auto Dial buttons or to separate grouped digits.


To set a reminder: To assign listings to your Home screen: Hold Inserts 1 5 second pause in the dial sequence.

Avaya D+, D+, D+, LD+ Telephone User Manual |

To post a message: To use without programming a Park button: Answering an incoming call. To return to normal operation, press Mute again. To program an Inspect button: Page 12 Programming and Feature CodesCall Handling Features continued PickupPickup allows you to answer calls that are ringing, parked, or onhold 44406d in the system.

Dial the extension number. Programming and Feature CodesCovering Calls FeaturesCoverageCoverage allows a call ringing at one extension a sender toring at another extension a receiver at the same time, and tobe answered at either extension. Programming and Feature CodesCall Handling FeaturesCall Waiting When Call Waiting is turned on at an extension and you arealready on a call, you hear one tone for inside calls or two tonesfor outside calls when a second call arrives at that extension.

Ten softkeys Use to select items from display.