Casuarina junghuhniana. Family Name: Casuarinaceae. Common Names: Mountain Ru, Red-tipped Ru, Horsetail Tree, Ru Ronan. Mountain Ru,Red- tipped. Casuarina junghuhniana. Casuarinaceae. Miq. LOCAL NAMES. Chinese (shan di mu ma huang); English (she oak,red-tipped ru,mountain ru,forest oak);. Casuarina junghuhniana. Authority, Miq. Family, Magnoliopsida:Hamamelidae: Casuarinales:Casuarinaceae. Synonyms. Common names. Editor. Ecocrop code .

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Wikispecies has information related to Casuarina. Journal of the Chemical Society 8: Subspecies nunghuhniana is normally found at lower altitudes, especially in Timor where it grows from near sea level to m. Archived from the original on United States Department of Agriculture.

There appear to be no serious insect pests of C junghuhniana.

In its easternmost area of distribution, 2 forms occur, locally known as black and white casuarina, respectively. Trees respond well to coppicing and pollarding.

By using this site, you jynghuhniana to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On the coasts of the Indian Peninsula, where it thrives well, the absolute maximum shade temperature varies from Top 10 flowering plants Top 10 flower bed plants Top 10 fragrant plants Top 10 fruit plants Top 10 ground covers Top 10 hard to kill plants Top 10 herbs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No special handling is required if the products are marketed as poles, piles or firewood.

No statistics are available on wood production, international trade and areas planted to C. A male, hybrid plant was introduced into Thailand in aboutand its progeny was taken from there to India in the early s.


Top 10 insect repellent plants Top 10 lilies plants Top 10 low care plants Top 10 lucky plants Top 10 medicinal plants Top 10 money spinning trees Top 10 mosquito repell plants. You may browse related categories. Schizophyllum commune may cause decay of the sapwood.

The crown of jemara is reasonably open and consists of casuaina long deciduous branchlets bearing reduced scale leaves.

File:Cemara Angin (Casuarina Junghuhniana) in Samosir Island.JPG

The resin exuded from some casuarinas is edible and was a food source for Aboriginal people. Inoculation of the seedlings or cuttings with effective strains of Frankia is recommended when C. It has the capacity to produce vigorous root cawuarina and female trees seed abundantly. Bailey Allocasuarina lehmanniana subsp. It is tolerant of a wide pH range, from 2.

A number of diseases are found associated with C.

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casuarima Want to tell us your experience with this product? Due to its fast growth, its nitrogen-fixing capacity, its wide adaptability, ease of propagation and excellent jungghuhniana quality, C. Female inflorescence in the axil of scale leaves on permanent shoots, cone-shaped, ellipsoid, truncate, cm long, reddish; bracts seriate, broadly obtriangular; bracteoles oblong-obovate, rounded or very obtuse, thick, x 2.

In dry areas subterranean termites can destroy young plants by eating their roots. Casuarina junghuhniana, cassowary, kasuari, rhu, Savukku maram.


Casuarina junghuhniana

The monthly mean maximum temperature in its native area is 15 C – 33 C, but it is adapted to a wide range of temperatures. Currently the species junghuhnjana considered to consist of two subspecies. In Thailand and India planting stock is raised by vegetative propagation because only male trees were originally introduced. Moore Gymnostoma rumphianum Miq.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Average durability of untreated wood is 4.

NFT for beauty, food, fodder and soil improvement Casharina aneura – a desert fodder tree. It has been used in revegetation and land rehabilitation projects in Java for nearly a century.

Forestry :: Casuarina junghuhniana

The wood is a suitable source of raw material for kraft pulp. Butt and heart rot, caused by Ganoderma applanatummay casuarinx tree trunks after damage by fire.

Causarina was once treated as the sole genus in the family, but has been split into three Australian genera and a fourth see: Several pots are enclosed in polyethylene bags with tops supported by a stake. Rooting hormone IBA is necessary to promote rooting.

The species is moderately tolerant to calcareous and slightly saline soils and is a very poor performer on heavy soils such as clays.