Conquistadora,” Esmeralda Santiago’s thrilling new historical novel, follows a determined young woman to Puerto Rico in the mid 19th century. Esmeralda Santiago plays with, then capsizes, these caricatures in “ Conquistadora,” which she has set in midth-century Puerto Rico. Esmeralda Santiago (born May 17, ) is a Puerto Rican author and former actress known (Hardcover – April ); Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiage (Author) ()(review, Washington Post, 30 Jy , C-1); El sueño de América.

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At the same time, the United States is in the midst of emeralda Civil War over its slaves. She finds a way to make this dream a reality. And that’s why she’s good.

Bad writing killed a good story. What is ocnquistadora point really? Mom lived near a sugarcane field and saw, first-hand, controlled fires during the zafra.

This is one of my favorite Spanish sayings. She was not meant to be someone with whom we could be friends and have tea. They name the farm, Los Gemelos, after the “twins.

Esmeralda Santiago

Santiago even seemed to imply that the slaves on Los Gemelos were treated better than those on neighboring farms. Literary Conquiwtadora Historical Fiction Category: Please help by adding reliable sources.

We see entire lives lived out through these pages. Esmeralda Santiago has given voice to a history that has eluded me. Apr 21, Doret rated it liked it. Ana faces unrelenting heat, disease and isolation, and the dangers of the untamed countryside even as she relishes the challenge of running Hacienda los Gemelos. I probably would not have gotten through it as quickly if I was physically reading it though, due to the nature of my life right now must be completely sucked in to even bother finishing and because some of the details at times moved I wasn’t a huge fan of the narration, sometimes it seemed exaggerated.


She does so by marrying a young man whose family has a plantation in P I was reading actually listening to this book because the author is going to be at our library in mid-July and I thought it would be good to read something of hers and then go hear her speak.

By the end of the story, she has touched her spirit. This unforgettable story tells of the strong and flawed Ana, who imagines herself following in the footsteps of her ancestors to own a hacienta in Puerto Esmwralda. Dec 08, Jeimy rated it it was ok. Can you tell us a bit about samtiago refrain that runs throughout the book: She perseveres despite business setbacks, hurricanes and personal losses. Tell us a bit about how Ana came to be. Even the minor characters have important roles in the telling.

Young Miguel is convinced that as soon as he comes of age to inherit the hacienda he will free all of the slaves. What was the kernel that eventually led to Conquistadora? The Spanish influence in Puerto Rico echoes throughout the culture to this day. One of the final li I appreciated this book from an informational standpoint.

Santiago tried to fit so much in and didn’t focus enough, some storylines went undeveloped. With Joie DavidowMs. Ana finds conquistadroa way out of being tied to Spain and an unwanted arranged marriage. That’s why I don’t expect to be happy all the time. Captivated by journals of an ancestor who was one of the first whites in what is esmeralra Puerto Rico, she does not hesitate to move their with her new husband and his twin brother to work a sugar plantation their family owns.


Like the conquistadores, Ana used the men and women who made her rich in the service of her own goals, needs, and ideals. Look at what has influenced the personality of the Puerto Rican people–from “Conquistadora” one would expect them to be gloomy and repressed and we know that is not the case. Yet, the novel falls short. The quieter I was, the louder and more loquacious they became.

In this Spanish land, during this era, and from the heart of the story, it seems esmerxlda only way to achieve absolute freedom is through death.


History has ignored and condemned unconventional women, but they have lived and worked and built dynasties. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

A women who won’t let herself remember or reflect on her past esmegalda because she is afraid of the regrets she will have. And I couldn’t help but be impressed by her strength.

Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago

Not to my liking but does have some good bits about mi isla. Not exactly high-brow, but that’s how I roll. The lush sugar cane plantation was a well formed setting, as was the knowledge of the era that Santiago presented with the story.

Despite the title, Conquistadora is mostly about Ana, a young Spanish woman who, enthralled by the journals of a conquistador ancestor, moves to midth century Puerto Rico to live on a sugar plantation.

What follows is her story and those whose lives intersect with hers. Ana marries Ramon, and in they travel to the remote sugar plantation the brothers have inherited on the island.