Family: Boraginaceae Juss. Genus: Cordia L. Cordia ecalyculata Vell. This species is accepted, and its native range is Brazil to NE. Argentina. Toggle navigation. PDF | Cordia ecalyculata belongs to the Boraginaceae family, and is commonly known as buggy coffee. It is indicated for medicinal use as a. doi: /jihp The Administration of Hydroethanolic Extract of Cordia Ecalyculata Vell., At Different Doses, Promotes Reproductive Toxicity.

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Names of species accepted by Brazilian region.

Euploca hassleriana Chodat J. Names of species accepted by Brazilian state. Failed to connect to the FSI images server. Medicinal plants Study Pharmacobotany Pharmacognosy. Boraginaceae and identification of adulterations.

Seasonal Evergreen Forest Found at the southern border of the Amazon Alto Xingu region this forest occurs on latossoils and is markedly seasonal, with a dry season varying from four to six months. No taxon was found with this Cprdia.

The present work aims at clarifying the popular names corvia medicinal species often misnamed in Brazil. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. It is commonly used as diuretic, weight controller, for phleem cough healing, rheumatism healing and also in baths for externai ulcers treatment.


Identification Key See Key.

Is a type of sparse vegetation that covers massifs and plateaus where rivers are mostly seasonal. Campinarana Low, coordia vegetation growing on sandy soils mostly within terra firme land in the Amazon. The important families are Rhizophoraceae, Acanthaceae, Combretaceae and Pteridaceae.

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Amongst the more frequent plant families are the Leguminosae, Lecythidaceae, Chrysobalanaceae, Sapotaceae and Burseraceae. Mixed Ombrophylous Forest Pluvial, tall forest characterized by the presence of Araucaria pines growing together with dicot trees and palms. Loading images from Ecaljculata server Amongst the more frequent plant families are the Arecaceae, Lauraceae, Myrsinaceae, Myrtaceae, Bromeliaceae, and Rubiaceae. Amongst the more frequent plant families are the Leguminosae, Apocynaceae, Combretaceae, Solanaceae.

Topics Discussed in This Paper.

Cordia ecalyculata Vell.

Leguminosae is one of the most frequent families. Pampa Grasslands from southern Brazil. Loading images from INCT server Relevant Synonyms has as a synonym. This document is only for private use for research and teaching activities. For example, the species cited above has always been mistaken as Casearia sylvestris Swartz. Aquatic vegetation Found both in lotic and lentic environments, this vegetation includes floating plants, rooted plants with floating leaves and plants with ecalcyulata leaves.


Amongst the more frequent plant families are the Araceae, Cyperaceae, Nymphaeaceae, Pontederiaceae, Alismataceae and Poaceae.

Cordia ecalyculata Vell. | Plants of the World Online | Kew Science

FU States Accepted names. References Publications referenced by this paper. Micheli are vel, used in Brazil as therapeutic preparations for indigenous groups and the general population. More often associated to the Cerrado and Caatinga Biomes, is found throughout Brazil under various names. Link to this taxon. It is mostly associated to the Cerrado and Caatinga Biomes.

The pharmacological-botanical study of C. Images from the field Loading Chemoprotective effects of hesperidin against genotoxicity induced velll cyclophosphamide in mice bone marrow cells.

Amongst the more frequent plant families are the Asteraceae, Cyperaceae, Melastomataceae, Orchidaceae and Poaceae.

Amazonian Savanna Open vegetation found within the Amazon Biome, both in well drained and waterlogged, generally sandy soils, including a mixture of shrubby savanna and open grassland.