D. Harel, Algorithmics: The Spirit of Computing, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1st edition, ; 2nd edition, 3rd edition (with Y. Feldman), Special . D. Harel, Algorithmics: The Spirit of Computing, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 2nd edition, ; 3rd edition, (with Y. Feldman). (1st edn.: Dutch. Algorithmics has 74 ratings and 4 reviews. Alon said: I read this book when I was 14, and it was for me the introduction to computer science, (and anythi.

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This book is an attempt in this direction.

Well-established academic disciplines have a habit of yielding excellent textbooks, and computer science is no exception. I read this book when I was 14, and it was for off the introduction to computer science, and anything related to programming.

Twelve years in Computer Science is almost an eternity Karl rated it liked it Jun 14, Return to Book Page. While we have left the exercises and solutions essentially as they were in the second edition, the bibliographic notes were a completely different story. It’s general abstract introductory matter.

Mateusz Staszczyk rated it really liked it May 21, Cristian rated it really akgorithmics it Aug 23, Its objective is to present a readable account of some of the mot important hwrel basic topics of computer science, stressing the fundamental and robust nature of the science in a form that is virtually independent of the details of specific computers, languages, and formalisms.

Martijn rated it liked it Oct 06, It is recommended, however, that even those ov be skimmed, at least to get a superficial idea of their contents. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Prof. David Harel – Books

For me, and Yishai Feldman joins me in this, it is a true celebration by any measure! Want to Read saving…. Paperbackpages. The first edition of this book was published 25 years ago, in The main changes are as follows: Hanna rated it it was amazing Algorithmlcs 06, Watson exhibits an impressive ability to “understand” highly ambiguous language a,gorithmics to deal with situations that have long been associated exclusively with human talent.


Algorithmics: The Spirit of Computing

The book is intended algofithmics be read or studied sequentially, not be used as a reference. Lars Fischer rated it really liked it Sep 23, In terms of the basic fundamentals of algorithmics that is, if we exclude the more practical and faster-changing material of Chapters 3, 13, and 14 little in the book has to be changed. Bible quotations book-end each chapter and give this a frisson of something other.

Feb 15, Gavin Leech rated it really liked it. Thus, to a large extent I am but a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a true giant; the true giant of our field. Nov 04, Alon Gutman rated it really liked it. The text mentions that at the time of its publication the largest quantum computer actually built consisted of seven qubits. The field is hugely consequential: These techniques seem to have great potential for intelligent search in areas such as medicine, law, and others.

Olek rated it really liked it Jan 10, Chapter 1 is an introduction, the bulk of Chapter 3 is really just a brief survey of several programming languages, and Chapter 12 is a nontechnical account of some topics in artificial intelligence. This style of programming is not appropriate for every problem, but it lends itself very well to parallelization. With the stage thus set, the first chapter of Part Two turns to some general methods and paradigms for algorithmic design.

Turing also carried out pioneering work on morphogenesis and the way patterns are formed in the process. Most of the material in the preliminary Part One should be familiar to people with a background in programming. Another of Turing’s pioneering contributions to computer science revolves around his deep insights into what later became known as artificial intelligence the person who coined the term, John McCarthy, passed away in late It is hoped that his book will facilitate communication between the various groups of people who are actively involved in the computer revolution, and between that group, and those who, for the time being, are observers only.


They are indented, set in smaller type and are prefixed by a small square. In that respect, Turing’s name is associated with both the Church-Turing thesis and the Turing machine, two of the most fundamental notions discussed in these chapters. It thus represents a very general concept, with numerous applications. What relevance this will have to the fundamental issues of quantum computation computin in the text remains to be seen. The solved exercises can thus algortihmics used to supplement the text.

I think if you don’t know anything about computer science, but you like mathematics, and want to know what is an algorithm, you will find this book to be fascinating, and great introduction to computer science and algorithmic thinking. Jake rated it really liked it Aug 25, Colin Jones rated it really liked it Nov 27, Perhaps algodithmics significantly, Turing’s insights from the mids, alongside the work of Alonzo Church and others, formed the foundations of our understanding that the general notion of computing, and thus of algorithms and the actual computers that implement them, are severely limited.

The present edition contains numerous exercises, as well as solutions to about a third of them. Apart from the inclusion of exercises altorithmics solutions, which mark the most obvious change made in this edition, the text has been revised and updated. In Part Four of the book the requirements are relaxed, for example, by employing concurrent activities or coin algoorithmicsin order to overcome some of these difficulties.

Algorithmics: The Spirit of Computing by David Harel

The reader may wonder why a more extensive revision of the text was not called for. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. J rated it really liked it Jun 23, Books concerned primarily with computers or programming are intended to fulfill quite different needs.