Rem Koolhaas: Delirious New York: A Retrospective Manifesto for Manhattan ( ). A précis by Emma Watson Delirious New York: A. by. Rem Koolhaas. · Rating details · 2, ratings · 91 reviews. Since its original publication in , Delirious New York has attained mythic status. Back in. But for the next three months, Rem Koolhaas has the stage at the attention with the publication of his book “Delirious New York,” an.

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Koolhaas has little sympathy for the former.

Kraft taught school and wrote textbooks; he was the co-captain of a clam boat, which sank. Yet, ‘Delirious New York’ is poetic, and consciously draws on metaphor yogk other works of history, yet is literal in the most faithful sense.

Oct 25, M C rated it it was delirios. Rem Koolhaas is an architect and writer whose style of glossy, heavily-illustrated art and architecture books have become the norm since their release in the s. When and where does ren claim Manhattanism began? Le Corbusier conquers, his main proponent embodied in the decrees of Robert Moses that would define the later half of the 20th century. Hello my dear, I see your blog every day A third project is the Downtown Athletic Club.

There may be references to pictures which are not visible here, and footnotes and citations will be missing; rest assured, there are all present in the actual koplhaas of work which can be found at the bottom of this post. Before they were put to the service of making our material production more efficient, they were put to the primary task of blowing our minds.

Take the map showing the original grid.

Apr 15, Kathleen rated it liked it. They could again become perfect extrusions. During these playful journeys through Manhattans history, Koolhaas advocates his duty to modernity, if not to architectural modernism as a movement.

From reading this chapter, the reader is led to believe this particular Skyscraper is some sort of paradise for bachelors, as Koolhaas writes: But what is a retroactive manifesto? Had I read it in the span of a few weeks instead of many, many months it would probably have made more sense to me and gotten another star.

Monday, 24 May Rem Koolhaas: It’s wonderful to read an analysis so grounded in the basic facts of life, yet stretched so far into the purely theoretical. Sometimes these articulated the gist of the gestalt better than anything that made it through the wringer of fundraising and city bureaucracy.


I must admit this part of the book held less fascination for me. Not too academic for people who didn’t study architecture, I loved to have the opportunity of reading it while I was living in NYC. Written in such a bizarre, dream like style, the city of Manhattan was brought to life and the book has been a favourite of mine every since.

A ‘Delirious’ Story Author Eric Kraft describes Rem Koolhaas’ Delirious New York as a “sometimes outrageous retroactive manifesto” about architecture and city planning — in short, a book not to miss. Rem Koolhaas’ ‘Delirious New York’ is not merely a book on architecture, but an investigation into the psychology of what Koolhaas calls the ‘culture of congestion’ which served to influence ‘Manhattanism’—a philosophy to world-building which ushered the golden age of the skyscraper.

Rem Koolhaas / Delirious New York

It’ll make you feel funny too, rest assured. But, Delirious New York is none of those.

Things taken for granted, such as the elevator. Jan 22, Jochen rated it liked it.

In strokes similar to the wonders of the Coney Island parks Steeplechase, Luna, and Dreamland not only is the landscape rewritten, but the atmosphere as well! The most interesting parts are when he focuses on the macro level, like how Radio Deliirous Music Hall was too big for audiences to see the subtle maneuvers of music-hall style comedy; though it had a backstage build to accommodate scores of performers and animals, it was the simple non-narrative entertainment of kooljaas Rockettes that survived the difficult early years of the hall.

Jan 17, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: As much a history of schemes and illusions as a lucid extrapolation of the pragmatism that bore out the aesthetics of the skyscraper within the limits of the grid, the zoning law of and the city’s ever present culture of congestion, Koolhaas is dazzling as he reads the formal code of the delrious past through its buildings and Delirious New York is a book that gives shape and vision to the endless collisions, accidents, and collaborations that produced the signature architecture of Manhattan.

However, much of the text is accessible and provides a powerful understanding of the ideas that fueled the growth of Manh Irreverently witty and thought provoking, Rem Koolhaas’s manifesto on Manhattanism is still a must read for architects, planners, and perhaps even landscape architects like myself.


The Birth Of Manhattan? A ‘Delirious’ Story : NPR

The design, functioning and future of urban situations is explored in written, drawn and modelled work which builds on the legacy of twentieth century urban theory and is directed towards the development of sustainable cities.

Much like what I refer to as the “things stoners thinking of when watching Wallace and Gromit” school of literary criticism Baudrillard, Viriliohe prefers wacky style to cogent argument.

This enabled a theoretically infinite duplication of a footprint. Theoretical points are raised in a similar, vaguely impressionistic fashion. So not only will your architectural glass be nes, it will also be decorative. Staten Island financial planners: It was purely man over nature. I was especially surprised by the rich history of Coney Island, considering the sad but somehow beautiful little beach it is nowadays.

Delirious New York

Then, the Rem Koolhaas’ ‘Delirious New York’ is not merely a book on architecture, but an investigation into the psychology of what Koolhaas calls the ‘culture of congestion’ which served to influence ‘Manhattanism’—a philosophy to world-building which ushered the golden age of the skyscraper.

He sees plans and popularly circulated hork of never-to-be-realized buildings as important, too. There is an interesting digression near the end, juxtaposing the ways that Le Corbusier and Salvador Dali used paranoia in their interpretation of Manhattan. The grid system in Manhattan predicted the future condition of the city; its two dimensional restrictions gave way to three dimensional freedom, and the millions of people that it now houses was envisaged far before a tiny proportion were even present.

Sure, there are new, mind-expanding ideas, and new terms to define, but you can’t trick me into thinking unclear writing is just “beyond me. His analysis is entertainingly idiosyncratic and yet curiously illuminating. Pageviews from the past week. But what would I know. Oct 13, Joel rated it really liked it. As the name suggests, rek than just a University campus or a series of lecture theatres, there are a range of programmes, including auditoriums, lecture halls, cafeterias and more. The guy wearing the Chrysler building is a terrifying urban warrior.