SUMMARY: DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU (By Fortunatus Nnadi ([email protected] com) Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Writers composed the bible which. Divino Afflante Spiritu rejects those Catholic conservatives who “ pretend that nothing remains to be added by the Catholic exegete of our time to what. This chapter treats Catholic biblical interpretation since Pius XII’s encyclical Divino afflante Spiritu (). At the heart of the chapter is Vatican II’s teaching in its.

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No wonder herefore that, as she received it intact from the acflante of the Apostles, so she kept it with all care, defended it from every false and perverse interpretation and used it diligently as an instrument for securing the eternal salvation of souls, as almost countless documents in every age strikingly bear witness.

The progressive exploration of the antiquities of aafflante East, mentioned above, the more accurate spirittu of the original text itself, the more extensive and exact knowledge of languages both biblical and oriental, have with the help of God, happily provided the solution of not a few of those questions, which in the time of Our Predecessor Leo XIII of immortal memory, were raised by critics outside or hostile to the Church against the authenticity, antiquity, afdlante and historical value of the Sacred Books.

There was a significant return in the Church to the scientific study of the Bible. Jerome and exhorted them to continue their good works of promoting and facilitating the custom of reading and meditating on the Holy Gospel. This encyclical was a vindication of the persevering work of the Dominican Father M. Thus has it come about that confidence in the authority and historical value of difino Bible, somewhat shaken in the case of some by so many attacks, today among Catholics is completely restored; moreover there are not wanting even non-Catholic writers, who by serious and calm inquiry have been led to abandon modern opinion and to return, at least in some points, to the more ancient ideas.

For what was said and done in the Old Testament was ordained and disposed by God with such consummate wisdom, that things past prefigured in a spiritual way those that were to come under the new dispensation of grace. For it is the duty of the exegete to lay hold, so to affllante, with the greatest care and spirigu of the very least expressions which, under the inspiration of the Divine Spirit, have flowed from the pen of the divvino writer, so as to arrive diivino a deeper and fuller knowledge of his meaning.

What is the literal sense of a passage is not always as obvious in the speeches and writings of the ancient authors of the East, as sporitu is in the works of our own time.

For instance, when a charge is made that the Bible contradicts some historical fact, the cause may actually be found in the particular linguistic expressions found in ancient culture. Let Catholic exegetes then disclose and expound this spiritual significance, intended and ordained by God, with that care which the dignity of the divine word demands; but let them scrupulously refrain from proposing as the genuine meaning of Sacred Scripture other figurative senses.

Sedis XXXIp. Many of them have edited the sacred text; others have expounded, explained and translated it to the vernacular. Concerning what should obtain in the present day, he makes an addition by inculcating obedience to the above counsels and exhortations.

Divino Afflante Spiritu (September 30, ) | PIUS XII

In the accomplishment of this task the Catholic exegete will find invaluable help in an assiduous study of those works, in which spiriti Holy Fathers, the Doctors of the Church and the renowned interpreters of past ages have explained the Sacred Books. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved: Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.


Now, however, this kind of investigation is much more frequent and, since more precise methods and technical skill have been developed in the course of actual experience, it gives us information at once more abundant and more accurate. In conclusion the Holy Father exhorts bishops, priests, laity, and seminarians to use the Holy Bible for spiritual profit.

Public afflange are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription. He desires for all sons of the church to continually meditate on the divine word so aflfante they may taste as their reward how good and sweet the spirit of the Lord is.

Pius XII noted that spiirtu had been made in archaeology and historical research, which made it advisable to further define the study of the Bible. Wherefore this authority of the Vulgate in matters of doctrine by no means prevents – nay rather today it almost demands – either the corroboration and confirmation of this same doctrine by the original texts or the having recourse on any and every occasion to the aid of these same texts, by which the correct meaning of xfflante Sacred Letters is everywhere daily made more clear and difino.

Help Center Find new research papers in: As in our age, indeed new questions and new difficulties are multiplied, so, by God’s favor, new means and aids to exegesis are also provided.

Riding Time Like a River: Pope Pius X commended the society of St. He posits that the explanation of the sacred books can be done with the use of language and literary criticism. Finally, Pius commends the use of literary or form criticism, which is the means by which biblical scholars interpret Scripture through the use of different literary forms poetry, narrative, laws, parable, etc. Moreover there are now such abundant aids to the study of these languages that the biblical scholar, who by neglecting them would deprive spiritj of access to the original texts, could in no wise escape the stigma of levity and sloth.

There those who are wearied and oppressed by adversities and afflictions will find true consolation and divine strength to suffer and bear with patience; there – that is in the Afflant Gospels – Christ, the highest and greatest example of justice, charity and mercy, is present to all; and to the lacerated and trembling human race are laid open the fountains of that divine grace without which both peoples and their rulers can never arrive at, never establish, peace in the state and unity of heart; there in fine will all learn Christ, “Who is the head of xivino principality and power”[41] and “Who of God is made unto us wisdom and justice and sanctification and redemption.

They generally referred back to the source texts in Biblical HebrewBiblical Aramaic and Biblical Greek only to clarify the exact meaning of the Latin text.

Divino Afflante Spiritu Quotes

For the ancient peoples of the East, in order to express their ideas, did not always employ those forms or kinds of speech which we use today; but rather those used by the men of their times and countries. The encyclical is likewise liberalizing in that it removed the requirement that official Catholic Bible translations be from the Vulgate, stressed the fact that only a few biblical texts had been officially interpreted by the Catholic Church, and encouraged Scripture scholars to make full use of scientific means in studying and interpreting the Holy Bible.

Sedis XIIp. The New Jerome Biblical Commentary.

On the Catholic Interpretation of the Bible: Divino Afflante Spiritu

Hence with grave words did he proclaim that there soiritu no error whatsoever if the sacred writer, speaking of things of the physical order “went by what sensibly appeared” as the Angelic Doctor says,[5] speaking either “in figurative language, or in terms which were commonly used at the time, and which in many instances are in daily use at this day, even among the most eminent men of science. For thus at long last will be brought about the happy and fruitful union between the doctrine and spiritual sweetness of expression of the ancient authors and the greater erudition and maturer knowledge of the modern, having as its result new progress in the never fully explored and inexhaustible field of the Divine Letters.


If these things which We have said, Venerable Brethren and beloved sons, are necessary in every age, divink more urgently are they needed in our sorrowful times, when almost all peoples and nations are plunged in a sea of calamities, when a cruel war heaps ruins upon ruins and slaughter upon slaughter, when, owing to the most bitter hatred stirred up among the nations, We perceive with greatest sorrow that in not afflatne few has been extinguished the sense not only of Divijo moderation and charity, but also of humanity itself.

But this state of things is no reason why the Catholic commentator, inspired by an active and ardent love of his subject afflsnte sincerely devoted to Holy Mother Church, should in any way be deterred from grappling again and again with these difficult problems, hitherto unsolved, not only that he may refute the objections of the adversaries, but also may attempt to find a satisfactory solution, which will be in full accord with the doctrine of the Church, in particular with the traditional teaching regarding the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture, and which will at the same time satisfy the indubitable conclusion of profane sciences.

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: The professors of Sacred Scriptures in the seminaries should on their part teach the course perfectly and imbue affalnte students with love for the same. And divion no less importance afvlante papyri which have contributed so much to the knowledge of the discovery and investigation, so frequent in our times, of letters and institutions, both public and private, especially of the time of Our Savior.

Among these it is worthy of special mention that Catholic theologians, following the teaching of the Holy Fathers and especially of the Angelic and Common Doctor, have examined and explained the nature and effects of biblical inspiration more exactly and more fully than was wont to be done in previous ages. Divino Afflante Spiritu September 30, Share this: The interpreters are therefore urged to endeavour to determine the peculiar characteristics and circumstance, the mentality, manner of reasoning and expression, as divinl as manner of narrating and writing of the ancient sacred writers.

If you have purchased a print title that contains an access token, please see the token for information about how to register your code. The opposition between traditional and scientific approaches to Bible studies was epitomized in a pamphlet written by an Italian priest, Dolindo Ruotolo using the pseudonym Dain Aflanteprotesting strongly against the use of scientific, historical, and critical methods in the study and spiriitu of Holy Scripture, particularly by the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

For what they wished to express is not to be determined by the rules of grammar and philology alone, nor solely by the context; the interpreter must, as it were, go back wholly in spirit to those remote centuries of the East and with the aid of history, archaeology, ethnology, and other sciences, accurately determine what modes of writing, so to dlvino, the authors of that ancient period would be likely to use, and in aff,ante did use. Newer Catholic translations of the Bible have been based directly on the texts found in manuscripts in the original languages, taking into account as well the ancient translations that sometimes clarify what seem to be transcription errors in those manuscripts.

But it is plain to everyone that priests cannot duly fulfill all this unless in their Spriitu days they have imbibed a practical and enduring love for the Sacred Scriptures.