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Buy DIN EN () Electricity Metering Equipment (a.c.) – Part 1: General Requirements, Tests And Test Conditions – Metering Equipment (class. BS EN Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). General requirements, tests and test conditions. Metering equipment (class indexes. Find the most up-to-date version of CEI EN at Engineering

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The register shall be able to record and display, starting from zero, for a minimum of 4 h, the energy corresponding to maximum current at reference voltage and unity power factor. Static meters for active energy class indexes A, B and C vo If the 5470-1 has a measuring element s for more than one type of energy multi-energy metersor when other functional elements, like maximum demand wn, electronic tariff registers, time switches, ripple control receivers, data communication interfaces, etc.

Metering equipment class indexes A, B and C Status: Where the terminal cover makes it possible, the conductive foil shall approach the terminals and the holes for the conductors within a distance of not more than 2 cm.

Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. The application of the surge immunity test voltage shall not sn a change in the register more than x units and the test output 504701 not produce a signal equivalent to more than x units.

The other end of the voltage circuit shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between the terminal of the current circuit and earth.


The principal unit for the measured values shall be the kilowatt-hour kWhor the megawatt-hour MWh. Testing and measurement techniques — Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests IEC The active tariff rate shall be indicated.

Simulated solar radiation at ground level IEC For rack-mounted meters, the mechanical properties are not covered in this standard. Click to learn more.

General definitions and test requirements IEC Dr If for any reason the insulation tests have to be repeated, then they may be performed on a new specimen.

EN – European Standards

When continuously rotating, the drum showing the lowest values shall be graduated and numbered in ten divisions, each division being subdivided into ten eh, or any other arrangement ensuring the same reading accuracy.

The specified measuring range of the meter may cover the specified measuring ranges of current transformers with different rated currents.

It is subject to change without notice and shall not be referred to as a European Standard. For polyphase meters, this diagram shall also show the phase sequence for which the meter is intended.

Tests EN Clause X 7. Current transformers IEC For requirements and testing, see 7. Please insert your email, we will inform immediately after publishing this standard include — discount code.

EN 50470-1:2006

Screw connections transmitting contact force and screw fixings, which may be loosened and tightened dn times during the life of the meter shall screw into a metal nut. Resistance to heat and fire The terminal block, the terminal cover and the meter case shall ensure reasonable safety against spread of fire. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. Modulated and unmodulated output pulses are permitted. The SI unit for active power is the watt.


EN – Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) — Part 1: General req –

5070-1 Every meter shall bear the following information as applicable: Classification of groups of environmental parameters and their severities — Section 500470-1 Some of the tests are not applicable to electromechanical meters — see EN — these cases are indicated.

An influence quantity is a disturbance if for that influence quantity the rated operating conditions are not specified 3. IP51, but without suction in the meter; IP Your basket is empty. It is submitted to the Unique Acceptance Procedure.

BS EN 50470-1:2006

Table 9 — Relative humidity For 30 days, these days being spread in a natural manner over one year Occasionally on other days 6. Dr The type test defined in 3. When the voltage is restored, the meter shall not have suffered degradation of its metrological characteristics.

The test levels are regarded as minimum values to guarantee the proper functioning of the meter under normal working conditions.