What is the normal hardness of en8d material? If material is case hardened which scale is used, e.g.: en8, en8d, en19,en9, a)? If material is not hardened. Hardening EN parts. Q&A’s, Problems & Solutions Can I get hardness of hrc all over EN9 parts? 55C with no dimensional change?. EN8 is a very popular grade of unalloyed medium carbon steel, which is readily Hardness. Brinell. Chemical composition. Carbon. %.

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If material is not hardened, e.

EN8 mild steel – technical information

March 9, A. If material is case hardened which scale is used, e. August 12th, 0 Comments. The term Mild Steel applies to all low carbon Steel that does not contain any alloying elements in its makeup and has a carbon content that does not exceed 0.

Compared to normal Mild Steel, bright Mild Steel provides tighter sectional tolerances, increased straightness, and a much cleaner surface.

May 17, A. That hardness is the case hardness or the core hardness? With limited information provided, it’s going to be hard to tell whether HRC is possible. Hardenability is below 50 HRC for more than 6 mm from the surface, maybe you can get this number higher with brine quenching, but not 30 mm distance from surface to the center.

January 2, A. If these are thin parts, you might be able to austemper or marquench them to reduce warpage. We will have some EN8 carbon haardness promotion at the end of almost every month.

EN8 Carbon Steel, M40 BS Specification – Otai Special Steel

Is there any process or suggestion to remove this bend while preventing from any crack? What is the Hrc of EN-8 material kale pritam v – pune maharashtra india Ed. Do you have a flame-hardening facility? What is the optimum hardness we can expect? It therefore requires very severe cooling in the heat treatment cycle in order to get the sort of hardness that you want, and the thickness of the section in turn greatly affects the cooling rate that can be achieved.


Quenching in oil or water after heating to this temperature will harden the steel. Just send emails with detailed requests for EN8 carbon steels price. Required case depth is 0. November 29th, 0 Comments. Is there a way that you can study what has been said and try that approach? Because we are manufacturing one product which has an elliptical broach in middle in which we can’t get hardness hrc and also we found that our broach dimensions has also get variation after final heat treatment.

Please re-read our note that abstract questions usually go unanswered ; if you re-frame them to include your own situation, they are far more likely to elicit responses. So can you help for getting hardness hrc? EN8 is suitable for all round engineering purposes that may require a Steel of greater strength. EN8 Mild Steel Buy EN8 mild steel online at Metals4u The term Mild Steel applies to all low carbon Steel that does not contain any alloying elements in its makeup and has a carbon content that does not exceed 0.

Regards, vikas Vikas Kaushal – Chandigarh, India. I would advise more quenching to avoid problem of distortion Just for sharing, had manufactured EN king pins which were toughened to 25 Rc at core then surface was induction hardened in polymer quenching to give 55 hrc hardness at surface to depth of. EN8 steels are generally used in the as supplied untreated condition.


EN8, in my experience, is not a good material for hardening.

EN8 carbon steel is also readily machinable in any condition. Length is 91 mm.

Hardening EN8 & EN9 parts

Sorry, I have no knowledge of heat treatment. November 8, A. Mild Steel is used in mechanical engineering applications for parts that will not be subject to high stress. Hello, I would like to know about the volume hardening of En9 to achieve the core hardness of BHN.

EN8 carbon steel is a common medium carbon and medium tensile steel, with improved strength over mild steel, through-hardening medium carbon steel. Kindly give the solution for this. Still we get variation in hardening.

What are the probable reasons for non achievement of hardness? We did arc quenching and oil quenching. If the part is too thick to achieve adequate as quenched hardness, a change in material may be needed. Weight is approximately kgs.

And two steps are at both end with diameter 12g6. We posted your question and we hope you will receive an answer! It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages.

In 60 mm thick you need, at least, some boron and chromium in your composition to improve hardening depth.