FILE-AID TUTORIAL REFERENCE STUDY MATERIAL HELP. DB2 DB2 3 UTILITIES F FILEAID 4 FOREGROUND FI FILEAID/IMS 5 BATCH I IMS FACILITY 6. Generate the JCL required to submit a File-AID/Batch job or any other non File- AID batch utility with File-AID’s Batch Submit utility (option ). Can anyone tell me the use of REFORMAT command??? does this reformat the input file based on the given copybook?? Below is the.

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Use a hyphen – to specify the characters to retain from the original member name.

Syntax 1 uyility by condition. Edits all occurrences of data within the area specified by a start location and a length. Hi- I hae the small doubt in JCL. The audit trail file is created by File-AID online. Wed Apr 14, 5: Remaining data in the record is shifted to accommodate the change. More About the Interactive Utility Screen If you specified the name of a dataset in the “Dataset name” field in the “Optional Control Dataset Information” section, File-AID uses the control statements in the specified dataset to complete your request.


Define a file processing task that may be run multiple times.

Up to 48 characters can be specified per unit name. Syntax 2 replaces based on a condition at a location. Builds an output record by moving data to it from either the input record or control cards.


Specify 0 to 99; 0 specifies unlimited errors. Type BS is also provided to indicate binary signed data for lengths 1, 2, and 3. Initiate a user abend without a dump for any non-zero return code. File-AID executes the statement and immediately displays any kn on the screen. Performs jcll copy function that provides greater control over the writing of output records and datasets. A duplication factor shortens the notation of a data string.

Browsing a Data File File-Aid: Perform many functions of the following utilities: You must build the entire output record.

Developers need test data in order to develop new functionality and manage production problems related to your most business critical applications. Thanks for the Tips.

HiIn File AidI am copying as well as sorting records. DBCS and single byte Katakana data is accepted as data element values.


Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials: Using File-AID/Batch

File-AID is a cross platform file and data management solution. The input audit trail dataset must be DD Thu Mar 30, 9: Code JCL and submit a job for background batch execution. Update statistics, if they exist, or add statistics if they do not exist. Controls the number of records dropped from a dataset during a DROP function. The following control statement determines which programs must be changed to reflect the new company name.

File Aid Tutorial –

Specifies which field numbers in the record to print in vertical formatted mode. Performs a copy function that provides greater control over the writing of output records and datasets.

Random Key Record syntax specifies the key at which processing begins. Moves the current record pointer through the input file. Record Selection by Data Content: