The child care classic is now totally revised and updated as Dr. Weissbluth, a leading researcher on sleep and children, promotes a revolutionary program to. A summary by Dr. Rebecca Unger of Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s lecture/discussion at the Northwestern Children’s Practice April 26, In this fully updated fourth edition, Dr. Marc Weissbluth, one of the country’s leading In Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, he explains with authority and.

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My sister has raved about this book for years now. Want to Read saving…. Each baby is unique. Apr 15, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: After reading about half of the book, I had put it down for a while and then hit a patch of night waking with my son. The advice was critical to really help our baby to become a good sleeper.

If you put her down after she fell asleep, she would wake up after 5 minutes or so — it was exhuasting! This book is full of information, but it is very poorly organized. In contrast, parents who successfully carry out an abrupt retraining program–the cold-turkey approach–to improve sleep habits see immediate and dramatic improvement without any lasting ill effects. It was comforting that Weissbluth offered “let cry,” “maybe cry,” and “no cry” solutions to sleep problems, reminding us that each approach will eventually yield the same result as long as it is used consistently.

Learn More About Membership. It’s not easy to find a quick answer. For example, if your baby gets too little sl I read this book on the recommendation of several people and many mommies swear by it. I almost drove myself crazy cataloguing nap times and wake times, convinced that the right combination would yield the ever elusive 12 hour sleep stretch.


I hadn’t heard that before — m Stephanie, I don’t know why I missed your comment til now, but thank you for explaining the Chinese breast milk thing. What he is most insistent on is that children – and their parents – get the sleep they need.

healthy sleep habits happy baby | The Baby Sleep Site – Baby / Toddler Sleep Consultants

Especially the complete lack of organization that’s a serious pet peeve for me. Weissbluth’s book is one of the most recommended books for new parents distressed at the lack of sleep in their hapy, and for good reason. View all 5 comments. The majority of parents do not have child care staffs.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, 4th Edition

If you are looking for a “what the heck do I do now” step by step instruction manual, this is not it. I have tried harder to make sure she is wake for no longer than two hours at a time during habitd day, per Dr. A must read for soon-to-be parents.

However, there are a few statements he makes that leaves a lot to be desired. So parents everywhere chil seen with their infants: It worked- my baby is on a schedule!

Want more information about how personalized help works? Connect Contact Login Blog. The sleeping brain habitw not a resting brain.

As she grows up, a child might share the bed with her parents for a long time. With my first baby, I didn’t find out about this book until she was 8 months old, and it was a life saver!

healthy sleep habits happy baby

Monthsand now starting on month My final, albeit minor, complaint is that I had a difficult time finishing this book. Either way, she is not an easy baby and although it was comforting to know that I’m not alone in my struggles, I hate being reminded of all the extra work I have to go through to comfort cihld extra fussy baby. These children have fewer relapses and recover faster and more completely from natural disruptions of sleep routines.


When I get the pared down version from her, I’ll post the important page numbers here. I had a couple different MD’s recommend this book to me so I wanted really badly for it to be the sleep bible everyone says it is.

A friend of mine actually figured out what the “program” or “plan” was she winnowed it out from the rest of the book somehow. For me this book can be explained in a nutshell that doesn’t need pages: Now, I like knowing that the advice I’m being given is founded in actual studies and has proven results, but I’m reading the book to learn how to give my child good sleep habits. They contained a lot of common sense and information included in seemingly dr.matc single parenting book.

I swear this is the book that saved my life and now has me pregnant for the third time. I’ll apply this book from birth on with the rest of my children. Read it to get a sense of how much habitw when your child needs sleep and be watching for those windows of change. I never thought of that! He also has no issue with jappy — he thinks you have to find whatever sleeping situation works best for your family.