5. Newsletter. Before doing anything else, make sure to sign up for the free Energy .. Bedini Mono-Pole Energizer circuit that is extremely similar to the diagram. WHAT IS THE BEDINI SG? Get a copy of the Bedini SG – The Authorized Beginner’s Manual if you want to learn all about the Bedini SG and how to build your. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell.

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For the coil, just use an old solder roll or a bobbin you get wire on, mae and fill the center hole with. Material needs to be non- metallic, non-magnetic, and adequately sturdy.

Replace the potentiometer with a fixed value resistor. Recovered back EMF pulse to battery and possibly in series with suggested rotor coils and also recovered energy from generator attached to wheel?

You will not discover free energy while gripped by a fierce desire to rush and bypass procedure. It also provides additional references to related theory and advancement beyond howw starting point. Ensure all connections are secure and double check all the circuit connections. I can not, controll amp drawing, so.

John Bedini Monopole Generators

Think of cold electricity meaning HVDC of multi Kilo Volts with short impulse duration and radiant charge due to a energy shock with spark interrupter inside an Ed Gray tube coffe or juice glass bottlelike I wrote above, will create for youa power which does not hurt but will light lamps and heat coils.


Neon Lamp Purpose – The lamp provides a path for the output energy in case the receiving battery is disconnected while the motor monopooe running. Tolerance – 1 K ohms to 20K ohms, 1 -2 watt. This last unit is our first set of experiments with a battery large enough to run a solar home!

Originally Posted by ren. Test 1 starts at Sincerely, Peter Lindemann … Their is one thing we should get straight right now, the dimensions of the coil are not important. The second one runs on 24 volt, amp-hour batteries and charges a second set bwdini equal size. I suspect you would get the same basic waveform if you drove it with a signal generator at same duty cycle and frequency rate without the rotor.

Stop charging when the voltage of the battery reaches the battery manufacturer’s specifications. I will say that the capacitor version is interesting and it does have at least one advantage over the SSG version: Smaller values allow for easier tuning.

Transistor Purpose – To switch the current through the coil, this in turn charges the secondary battery. I admit that I had to do it in three sections as my camera is not that good. Members that attempt to post spam to the group will be banned and their membership revoked without warning. Quantity – A small tube or bottle.

Full text of “Bedini Monopole 3 Group Experiment V “

After exhaustive tests, here are the results: The simple policy in this group experiment is to build as directed before changing anything, in accordance with the true scientific method.


Instead of looking at the battery that powers the bfdini, we look at the charging battery and measure its inputs and outputs over the charge and discharge cycle. This ratio is a 12 to 1 charging factor. Do not assume you are entitled to receive personal instruction or other free gifts from others; such demands are out of place.

It will probably vary a bit depending on wire guage, length of wire, number of turns etc Bedibi Testing If you wish, ot can do some load comparison testing with a battery that has been charged with a conventional battery charger.

At the end of the charge cycle, these amp-hour batteries are boiling at Further conditioning of the battery will continue to take place the more the battery is cycled. Connect it in series with the same battery you are running the motor on.

John Bedini Monopole Generators :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

Lead-acid batteries contain a diluted sulphuric acid electrolyte, which is a highly corrosive and poisonous. The way John Bedini has simplified the Energizer so it is simple to build to anyone with basic skills is a testament to his genius. Anything non-magnetic is fine. Several extra in case you burn one up. Wash you hands after contact with batteries.