Dec 31, Operating and service manual for the HPA Synthesizer/Function Generator. Complete with schematics. Who I HEWLETT mllnM PACKARD OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL MODEL A SYNTHESIZER/FUNCTION GENERATOR Serial Numbers: AH. HP / Hewlett Packard / Agilent Used A Synthesizer/Function Generator, Refurbished – Used Test Equipment at Test Equipment Depot.

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These instruments do not have CR Option Line Voltage Selected V V V V If it is necessary to change the line voltage selection, access to the switches may be gained by removing the mwnual cover of the A.

Change A frequency to 1 kHz and kHz and repeat. Table 3-IQ lists program codes in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.

HP 3325A Manuals

Change A amplitude to mV p-p, and change oscilloscope vertical to. Verify that this spur is at least 70dB below the fundamental. The following are valid programming strings data messages for the A: The spurious signals must be more than 70 dB lower than the fundamental signal. The preceding range of instruments contain the sine amplitude control and amplitude modulation circuitry shown in Figure The A may be operated with an external reference to control the standard 30 MHz internal reference oscillator frequency.


Set A amplitude modulation off.


Change A function to neg ramp. Function and location of the part.

The preceding range of instruments do not have R The controller must be in the command mode to send the Local Lockout message. Any data in the HP-1B input buffer is lost. The A does not have Trigger capability.

3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator

Table briefly summarizes the engineering changes that have brought A3 to it current revision. ,anual shown on the title page of this manual is a Microfiche part number. The A does not respond to Parallel Poll. Maximum and minimum amplitudes for each function are shown in Table Equipment required to maintain the Model A is manuual in Table Digital voltmeter reading should be – V to Return CRO sweep vernier to calibrate and set main sweep to.

Display the units of volume represented by the numeric display. Power is applied to some circuits at any time the instrument is connected to the ac power source.


Full text of “HP A Synthesizer/Function Generator Operating and Service Manual”

The numeric value for the phase mamual stored, but the phase of the output is not changed when the register is recalled. Seal the shipping container securely. General Interface Management Lines.

Configuring, Polling, and Unconfiguring. A21 A1 Board Revisions. Valid mnemonics parameter to be interrogated: Total this column and enter in the Ex2 space.

Adjust Ref A3R30 for a counter display of No other device dependent data communications are permitted on the bus until the entire A program string has been accepted and all but the last character processed.

Add the two readings to obtain volts peak to peak.