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ICEA S applies to materials, constructions, and testing of crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). Find the most up-to-date version of ICEA S at Engineering ANSI / ICEA S Standard for extruded insulation power cables rated above 46 through. kV. ISO Standards. Our systems comply with the.

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A continuous length of cable collected on a reel at the end of an extrusion line. Specimens for tests on jacket compounds shall be taken from the completed cable and cut parallel to the axis of the cable. The maximumcontinuous or repetitious apparent charge transfer, measured in picocoulombs, occumng at the test voltage. Maximum allowable pulling tension and sidewall bearing pressure.

ICEA S – PDF Free Download

Connect the two inner electrodes potential to potentiometer leads of a bridge or to a voltmeter. A dc or 60 Hz ac source can be used. Approximate diameters of individual a in stranded conductos.

Phase-to-ground test voltage Vented Water Tree: From this equation, the radiai voltage stress increases as “f?

If the test has been discontinued without a cable breakdown, the sample shall be subjected to an ac withstand test at 2. Plan C One test for each 50, feet 15, m of cable or at least once per cable core extruder run.


If a jacket specimen passes the minimum requirement with irregularities, then z removal is not required. The outer layer of a stranded copper conductor may be tin coated to assist with free stripping of the adjacent polymeric layer. This provides the tensile and elongation ratios for the jacket. The highest conductor temperature permissible for any part of the cable under normal operating current load.

High Dielectric Constant Compound: Decreasing the diameter “6of the conductor increases the radial voltage stresses. Additional qualification tests in The exposure time shall be hours. Gauge marks shall be 2 inches The resultant polymers may provide improvements while complying with applicable requirements in ICEA standards. A length of the specimen cable Ail dimensions are in mils. For the twoelectrode method, connect the electrodes to an ohmmeter. The length of lay of the flat strap shield shall be not less than ivea times nor greater than ten times the calcuiated minimum diameter over the flat strap shield.

The first is Cable Qualification.

Calculated diameter under jacket: The two potential electrodes inner shall be at least 2 inches The interface between the extruded insulation shield and the insulation shall be free of any voids larger than 2 mils 0.


The cutting blade shall be sharp and shall produce wafers with uniform thickness and with very smooth surfaces. ASTM B for series aluminum alloy annealed and intermediate tempers. Crosslinked polyethylene XLPE with no mineral fillers – Ethylene propylene rubber EPR Crosslinked polyethylene is suitable for dry locations and wet locations w-rth radial water bamer at voltages above 46 up to and including kV between phases. Part 11 contains appendices of pertinent information.

This applies either to a straight test piece or to one stamped out with a die and assumes that corrugations have been removed. Ethylene propylene rubber insulation has two classifications. Maximum phase to phase operating voltage.

ICEA S-108-720

If in cable chase, describe cable spacing and burial depth. Metallic shielding types indicated as a shield in 6. A completed length of cable which has passed all test requirements. The diredion of lay may be right-hand or left-hand. Specimens shall be left at ambient temperature after cutting ice grinding for at least 16 hours before die cutting.