Whether you are seeking full power at high efficiency levels or a unit capable of short start-up times, J Jenbacher gas engine is your ideal solution for reliable . GE Worked with Pilot Customer Stadtwerke Rosenheim to Develop Next Evolution of Its Jenbacher J FleXtra Gas Engine; New Offering. Ge Jenbacher J GS FleXtra Engine. It can be used as ☑ Generating setup, and ☑ Cogeneration unit. ⚫ Features of the engine ⚫ Characteristics ⚫ Types of.

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No deration at higher altitudes is another advantage. GE is organized around a global exchange jenbcaher knowledge, the “GE Store,” through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. The newest and largest Jenbacher gas engine has, at Cogenerationpeaking power plantsbiogas energy, mine gas management.

Ge Jenbacher J GS FleXtra Gas Engine (Type 9) Specs, Photo

In addition, the modules have highly standardized interfaces that work well with balance of plant BOP systems, and ultimately simplify BOP installations and total plant erection time. The GenSet consists of three modules, including a generator, engine, jenbaxher a turbocharger module, providing a high quality, pre-fabricated, standardized generator-set module.

More about Gas Engine. It is part of their Distributed Energy portfolio of products and is one of their gas engine technologies; the other being Kenbacher Engines.

Coupling With the modular engine design, decoupling the units is a simple process. Construction and commissioning procedures are standardized to minimize risks and assure a successful implementation.

In 1, people were employed at the plant. The J uses Miller cycle valve timing and two-stage turbochargingalong with a ‘three-module’ construction consisting of the engine itself, the electrical generator and the turbocharging unit consisting of both turbochargers and charge air coolers along with intake and exhaust piping and bypass valves. Designed as part of the entire module system, with all core competencies in-house, every function is developed with a jenbachr point of view.


The Jenbacher J is Jenbacher’s newest product, a V20 gas engine u920 up to 9. Our start-up and commissioning service also includes a series of tests performed by our experienced service technicians to ensure the optimum installation and functionality of the J gas engine in your plant.

GE Power jenbache a world leader in power generation with deep domain expertise to k920 customers deliver electricity from a wide spectrum of fuel sources. Stable power output and reliable efficiency in any ambient condition. In addition, the business provides life cycle support for more than 35, gas engines worldwide to help you meet your business challenges and success metrics—anywhere and anytime. Retrieved from ” https: Product Details Planning GE is available to support you from the inception of your power generation project proposal to the design, testing, and completion of your plant.

Operation Our contractual service agreements are designed to provide flexible and optimum care for your plant during operation. Combined heat and power CHP applications benefit from jenbachef use menbacher mixture cooling heat at high temperatures.

Illustrated by the example of a MW power plant where it can now meet the net power output with one less engine. As part of our construction and plant installation services, GE can also provide engineering, j902 and construction EPC support as well as a worldwide qualified EPC-network.

Jenbacher’s railway activities started inwhen they started performing repairs of rolling stock for the French occupation forces. Jenbacher emerged from the former Jenbacher Werkewhich was founded in and manufactured gas and diesel enginesand locomotives.

GE Increases Power Output of Its J920 FleXtra Gas Engine by Nearly 10 Percent

Although the company itself has a relatively short history, its origins go far back. From Power Generation Products. Based on our modular plant concept and your specific requirements, our highly experienced system engineers accompany you through every critical planning phase — including the feasibility study, power plant engineering and design — to tailor the best solution for your plant.


It had to be converted to civilian production, and started out with cookwarebut also started with the repair of railway wagons. The 2-stage turbocharger design of the J Flextra allows for no deration at higher altitudes and higher cooling water temperatures-perfect for hot ambient conditions.

Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. To allow for smooth plant operation, the system specifically supports adaptive condition-based controls, individual cylinder balancing, optimization and protection of core controls, and limp home mode.

As part of our construction and plant installation services, INNIO provides worldwide engineering and procurement, and construction support through its qualified EPC-network. Electrical generation engine manufacturers Gas engine manufacturers Manufacturing companies of Austria General Electric subsidiaries Manufacturing companies established in s establishments in Austria.

Two-stage turbo charging with higher boost pressure is the enabler for such upgrades and increasing power output. Major engine parts stay in place and are easily accessible. The company was now pushed to develop generators, compressors and pumps of the same quality. Carousel of Progress, Horizons at Epcot The modified and upgraded jenbzcher engine already contributed reliably to the power and heat supply of the city of Rosenheim last winter.

Jenbacher J FleXtra Gas Engine | Products –

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All work on your J FleXtra gas engine system — including upgrade, repair, and overhaul — is performed at your plant, saving you time and updating your engine with the latest technology. Based on our modular plant concept and your specific requirements, our highly experienced system engineers guide you through every critical planning phase including the feasibility study, power plant engineering, and design to tailor the best solution for your plant.