View Rizal – Sa Katamaran ng mga Pilipino from CBMA mgt at Aquinas University of Legazpi. Michael Charleston B. Chua, KasPil1 readings, DLSU-Manila 1. Katamaran ng mga pilipino La Indolencia de los Filipinos Published in La Solidaridad July 15 to September 15, 3. Katamaran ng. Read 6th from the story group 5 katamaran ng mga pilipino by MaiiMaii_13 (Maii Maii) with reads. shenweleekee. he Indolence of the Filipinos (Works of.

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Segregated from Spaniards, Filipinos donot receive the same opportunities thatare available to the foreigners. Paradox befalls to the individual as he inquires on the means of his enlightenment if that enlightenment brings the man to raise that question.

The Spanish who were used to a cold climate and minimal heat even worked harder and stood longer under the sun than the Filipinos who should have adapted to the heat for a long time. A Mistake for Love.

Katamaran ng mga pilipino

From my point of view, Filipinos should not have stopped working even if it was for our colonizers. It has survived through liberalism and enlightenment. The truth has long been shrouded by public sentiment. Everything was so messed up yet all still hang on a balance by a thin thread.

The monopoly of ideas and principles, which was a result of indolence on open debates, held by those who think of themselves highly, silences those who had better approaches, those who had better alternatives, katamarran the sake of pride. With no sense of culture, the stem cells remold themselves into the cells that dominate its environment which lamentably are the infected cells that fostered and accommodated the virus and the malady.


Katamaran ng mga Pilipino

What is the purpose of education in the first place? Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Rizal stated four main points regarding his argument on why Filipinos became lazy, namely: These people valued education as means to preserve katamaan they worked hard for. Man does not exist to please senseless cravings of another man. However, with the depreciation of education, the feat becomes selective. It is given that humans knows how to work even without education because it is basic human instinct to figure out things and make them work by themselves.

Mga Katamaran ng mga Pilipino by Mary Grace Kintanar on Prezi

The doctor must distinguish the conditions that inhibit the invasion of the virus from the conditions that the virus caused. Each of the fundamental aspects which serve as the foundation of society has a burden to carry. Or was our nation miscarried along the way? The antibodies may malign into removing vital cells that actually maintain the wellness of the body, mistaking it as the medicine or the virus itself for it exhibits a similar constitution.

Depreciation of education came with another complication: Because Filipinos think they areinferior, they submit to the foreignculture and do everything to imitate it. He was riddled with personal problems that preoccupied him: If one of those notions were suddenly discarded or had lost its function, the remaining would carry kataamaran burden that it was initially supporting.


Assertion made by Dr.

Katamaran ng mga pilipino – [PPT Powerpoint]

The Filipinos were like dogs unleashed. The bitterness of the reality and the stubbornness of some rejected the change and eventually, education. Kataaran dosage of indolence and its effects increased in time. The evolution of government and its misdeeds are both the cause and effect of indolence. Some Filipinos were also prohibited from making their own businesses shutting their work down. They conceded to the fact that education is the key for their progress.

Teaching was treated at the same level as the pioipino professions alone, without commitment: Rizal that were proven to be instrumental into liberating ourselves from our colonizers who stood as hindrances into enjoying our full liberties and achieving our destiny. Onemust study the causes of indolencebefore curing it. Rizal and his colleagues once proved that that indolence was the product of misgovernment and backwardness. These people, who were mostly educated, were more aware of literature regarding class pilipono, including the previous essays of Dr.

Indolence creeps its way into the system of the very cure that was being administered to remedy its effects: