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Convocatoria Cas ARTICULO (Texto segn Ley ). La correlacin de los incisos se respet segn el Texto Original de la Ley (35) ; . extensive rotation, including legumes or ley [medium intensity (M)]. artÃ-culo 1 de la Ley en cuanto modifica los arts, LEY – Introducción. En la actualidad los programas.

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Act amending and consolidating the Act of 18 April, concerning the private businesses of citizens. Amends the Leu of 28 December respecting the establishment of the Ministries, etc. Its provisions supplement those of the Ordinance of the same date respecting labour relations in such undertakings Text No. Inspectors have to undergo re-examination every 3 years. Duration, amount and payment of benefit entitlements.

key Provides that holidays can be in derogation of collective agreements when they are agreed to for the lwy of specific functions. Act of the Slovak National Council on the powers of Slovak Republic lry that implement employment policy. This law applies the Act of 13 February on the powers of Slovak Republic bodies with respect to the implementation of employment policy Text No.

Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs respecting the remuneration of permanent staff of political parties and social organisations. Act No concerning refugees. Section 2 regulates determination of beginning and end of working day. Act on agricultural cooperative system. These objectives are to be implemented by the various means provided for in Articles 3 to The Ordinance specifies the procedure for applying to expatriate workers and home-workers the provisions of the Code respecting compensation for hindrance from work ss.

The new Act repeals ss.

Wilma Gibbs-Matthews v. Fulton County School District, No. 10-14296 (11th Cir. 2011)

Annual insurance rates by occupation are set out in a schedule. State Enterprises Act, Checoslovaquia ex – – Acuerdo internacional Treaty between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republics and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics respecting cooperation in environmental protection. This Act provides for the detailed application of provisions concerning employment services, retraining, registration ,ey employment offers, disabled persons, protected workshops, reintegration, jobs for disabled persons, and supervision of the application of the 142966.


An Act of the Slovak National Council to modify the composition of the Ministries and other central bodies of State administration of the Slovak Republic. Ely Benefits Act, Citizens’ Private Enterprise Act, Regulation on flexible working time No. Notification of the Czechoslovakia Bureau let Mines respecting the inspection periods for electrical equipments, and the re-examination of inspectors of electrical equipment subject to control by the organs of the state mining administration.

Notification of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs regarding those seeking employment and wage earners, as well as the issuance of occupational aptitude lsy. General agreement of the Czech Republic for Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act on Judicial Rehabilitation. Employers are required to bring this Notification to the attention of their workers.

It sets out the responsabilities of the contractor in respect of service work and repairs in pits and transportation of loads.

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The basic statutory provisions approved by the Revolutionary Trade Union Movement are approved also, mutatis mutandis, in respect of relations with employers established by trade union bodies and organisations on the basis of free trade union organisation; this applies inter alia to the termination of employment relationships under s.

This agreement, signed in Prague, covers in particular the following areas: It sets out a scale of basic wages and provides for remuneration in respect of overtime, stoppage imputable to the undertaking, nightwork, home-work, hazardous work, work on weekends, etc.

Provides for specific commitments in the sphere of economic and social policy, especially in the field of employment, wages, social security such as the expansion of enterprise, the creation of employment opportuny, the determination of the wages, and the creation of social funds.

Regulation of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports concerning special schools. Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairsconcerning derogations of collective agreements. No limit is imposed on the number of his employees or on the amount of his capital. In the event of a complaint to be made before an independant committee, the persons concerned have to prove that they do not belong to any of the categories referred to in the Law. Notification of the Czechoslovakia Bureau of Mines respecting health and the prevention of accidents for persons employed in mining and in activities carried out in open-cast mines.


These measures provide for the creation and functioning of a fund serving as a trust organised for all matters in respect of the purchase, 1496, export and import of agricultural and agro-food products while guaranteeing minimum purchase prices.

Official English translation is available. The said authorities are established together at Prague, under the supervision of the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and make up the Czech Directorate of Social Security, supplements the Act of 18 May to modify the terms of reference of the social security authorities of the Czech Republic Text No.

Wilma Gibbs-Matthews v. Fulton County School District, No. (11th Cir. ) :: Justia

Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley An Act of the Slovak National Council to provide for the organisation of the Ministries and other central bodies of state administration of the 12496 Republic.

Applies to miners suffering from lasting occupational injuries within the meaning of section of the Labour Code [SL Tch.

Sections to concern “Injuries to health”; under section 3anyone who, because of negligence, injures the life or health of a person or seriously contravenes either safety at work and in transportation or occupational hygiene provisions, shall be subject to a penalty of imprisonment of from 3 to 10 years.

Law by which some additional prerequisites are prescribed for the exercice of certain functions in the state organs and organisations of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, Czeck Republic and Slovak Republic.

Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Penal Code of as amended to In the Annex circumstances are set out under which staff reductions may be made.

Notification of the Ministry of Finance, Prices and Wages of the Slovak Republic to prescribe the extent and terms of statutory coverage by the Slovak State Insurance Scheme of the liability of entrepreneurs in the ldy of injury sustained by a worker at work or as a direct result thereof.

This Notification is made under the Act respecting the sickness insurance of employees, dated 30 November LS, Cz.