SHORT STORY Lihaaf [The Quilt] O Ismat Chughtai Translated from Urdu by M. Asaduddin In the last issue of manushi, while reviewing Deepa Mehta’s Fire, we. Lihaf-Hindi, Chughtai, Ismat – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. For example in a short story“ Lihaf‖ (The quilt) written in Ismat Chughtai created a fictional situation taken from life in middle-class families. She was able .

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Other maids handed over the necessary things at the door, muttering disapproval. But I was helpless and had to stay there much against my wish.

Kabhi koi randi ya bazari aurat unki yahan naza na ayi. I again began rubbing her back which was smooth as the top of a table. I chughhai not hear what they were saying and what was the upshot of the tiff but I heard Rabbu crying. Rabbu had no other household duties. What do you want?

The mystery surrounding the female organs remains understood in much of the data of Lihaf under consideration here. Someone would mention their name and the whole group would burst into loud guffaws. Nawab sahib apni jagah se tas se mas nahin hue. Begum Jaan was reluctant to let her go but realised that Rabbu was helpless. That day Rabbu and Begum Jaan had a tiff again.


She realised that I was wandering outdoors in the cold and might die of pneumonia!


Rasheed Amjad 1 Dr. You hurt my ribs.

Though, if lihf, a native speaker would probably not say that Haji is the opposite of, ajib —o- gharib shauq, the context makes such a relationship seem natural. However, there is a list of negative-sounding adjectives in this text includes: History of Indian Literature: The doors would be closed, the braziers would be lit and then the session began. Here, we have the two superordinate oppositions, between normal sexuality and abnormal frustrated sexuality. It was severe punishment for me!

Get back to sleep. Rabbu and Begum Chughrai were the subject of their gossip during leisure hours. I went in, keeping my face turned away and ran out after doing the errand. This, in terms of ideological assumptions, is therefore less hidden than the production of equivalence by appositional means, which is harder to query. A strange fright overwhelmed me. He kept an open house for students—young, fair, slender-waisted boys whose expenses were borne by him.

She was short, stocky and had a small paunch. Ahmad Safi 3 Dr.

Her complexion was marble white without a speck of ruddiness. I tried to protest.


Israr Ahmad 1 Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem 1 Dr. The other maids were jealous of Chughta. Unknown September 10, at 3: Gender, Nation and the Transition to Independence. In the coming decades it was widely anthologised, and became one of her most known works, besides Angarey which remained banned for several decades.

Or was it when she watched through the drawing room door the increasing number of firm-calved, supple- waisted boys and delicacies begin to come for them from the kitchen!

URDU ADAB: Lihaf; a Famous Urdu Short Story by Ismat Chughtai

The use of such euphemisms kahan se kahan in the text with otherwise explicit language is as a tantalizing technique, on the assumption that too much explicitness might sound too clinical. Speaking for myself, if anyone were to touch cyughtai body so often I would certainly rot to death.

She was breathing heavily and her face looked pale and dull. Pages using citations with format and no URL.