When the design of this chassis is complete, full plans will be published. However, I started this design with a chassis bought on Fleabay. Building an modifying the “Locost” chassis design to work with AE86 Toyota Corolla drivetrain parts. I’m doing my due diligence and have copies of many frames but still unclear on the major difference between a $ frame and the frame on.

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It didn’t have to fit in any collection of a fixed scale, so that was another excuse for this non-standard scale. Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I bought four meters of 2.

It explains most but not all of the process, but nevertheless it’s very inspiring. I’m especially fascinated with three-dimensional loost structures for car chassis design, which so far I haven’t found a real example of. After having some doubts, I decided to add the suspension attachment brackets.

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These modifications also increase the stiffness and torsional rigidity of the chassis and fhassis been adopted in Locosts in other countries. You need to cgassis what is it you really want, and for what purpose. Tue Jan 06, 7: You can download a Caterham frame example from the Google Sketchup site.

Tue Jan 06, 3: Therefore I should not have painted the chassis steel colour overall. Details of the transmission tunnel, suspension brackets, and triangulating strength members are not provided in any of these drawing packages. However, the design has become so popular that several fabricators have begun producing the chassis in kit car form. Additionally, the car was designed using CAD softwareeliminating the measurement errors inherent to the original design.


The top was 20mm chipboard with 90mm x 30mm pine supports glued on the long edges and a steel tube frame underneath. I wanted to preserve some of the floppiness of the sheet metal, hence this thin gauge. Mk6 — Seven — Mk8 — Chsssis — Eleven — In contrast to the Locost’s space frame inspired chassisthe Locust uses a ladder chassis and a body constructed from plywood skinned with aluminium.

Approximately 10 as of April cars have been completed and passed by their countries government cjassis use on the road. Catherham Vs Locost Posted: There are three drawing packages to choose from.

Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

Also ask your self what kind of a locosr do you want, from designing every single bracket to just bolting the pieces together. Notes regarding Unit of Measure: Look at ebay frames, they’re not complete Tue Jan 06, 5: Ron Champion published his book in Previous topic Next topic.

So take a look at the photo albums and follow my project as it grew into a home built, road registered sports car. You still need to finish the transmission tunnel, add the supension brackets, transmission mounts, motor mounts, clean it, paint it, and put on the aluminium The subject car differs most significantly from the original in that it has an independent rear suspension. The chassis plans on this site are based on the original Locost design presented in Ron Champion’s book.

To get a taste of classic tubular chassis design, I decided to build a Locost chassis in plastic, using the Ron Champion book. The missing triangulating members were simply too difficult to model with the computer. Turns out that that the drawings and photos do not agree, and lcoost you in the dark what is correct. Generally I managed to build the chassis within 0.

  ACI 336.1 PDF

Haynes and Tanner’s books, have good pictures of the Locost. Most locost builders probably did not even buy two different size gages of tubes. Caterham vs Locost Frame.

My Locost is very individual and desi gned to suit my needs. Getting a homebuilt car registered in the Netherlands is very difficult, so I never intended to build one full scale. I would bet a lot of the builders that purchase a frame, find that out the hard way.

Views Read Edit View history. A standard book nosecone leaves a 5″ gap along the bottom of this super-sized chassis, but the width is spot-on.

A Locost is a home-built car. For a big pic, http: I used a JLC saw to cut some connections, and realign some tubes to square the chassis. The suspension brackets can be mounted according to the layout provided by the book, but the length of the front wishbones should be customized to be sure the track width agrees with the donor axle following assembly.

In the end the Locost, the Haynes and the caterham are 3 different looking cars with different specs and a different target market.


The suggested donor car is a Ford Sierra. Jay Dagless 8th scale Locots with a full frame. I used 5 x 5 mm square tube, with one wall cut away. On the other hand, the buffed paint looked really nice, blotchy in appearance with shiny edges, just like steel before it rusts.

The rear of the Locost is of course “inspired by” the Lotus 7. Designing mid-engine cars using FWD drivetrains, http: