LXTALE from Intel Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. (This Datasheet also supports the LXT PHY.) Applications. Product Features LXTALE – Extended (° to 85 °C amb.) ▫ LXTALC. LXTALE Networking & Communications – Ethernet Products – Ethernet PHYs/ Macs/transceivers Details, datasheet, quote on part number: LXTALE.

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August 7, Datasheet Datasheet Document: For example, setting Register bits August 7, 49 LXTA 3. Configuration control of autonegotiation, speed, and duplex mode selection is handled differently for each. Copies of documents which have an ordering number and are referenced in this document, or other Intel literature may be obtained by calling or by visiting Intel’s website at http: August 7, 43 LXTA 3.

This signal is asynchronous and is inactive during fullduplex operation. August 7, 29 LXTA 3. The LXTA also supports additional registers for expanded functionality. If one to four dribble bits are received, the nibble is passed across the MII, and padded with ones if necessary.

August 7, 15 LXTA 3. This interface allows upper-layer devices to monitor and control the state of the LXTA. When no data is being exchanged, the line is left in an idle state. During full-duplex lx971ale Register bit 0. On the receive side, the internal impedance is high enough that it has no dataeheet effect on the external termination circuit.


LXTALE Datasheet PDF – Intel

Figure 25 shows a typical example of an LXTA-to On power up all the drivers are asserted for approximately 1 second after reset de-asserts.

This feature is provided as a diagnostic tool. Refer to Table 52 on page This bit is only valid when auto negotiate is enabled, and is equivalent to Register bit 1. During a software reset 0. It then encodes and transmits the rest of the packet, including the balance of the preamble, the SFD, packet data, datashet CRC.

The Link Integrity Test function can eatasheet disabled by setting Register bit August 7, 65 LXTA 3. SD input from the fiber transceiver. When not transmitting data, the LXTA generates See Figure 27 for recommended logic translator interface circuitry.

January Page Description Clock Requirements: The LXTA supports multiple internal registers, each of which is 16 bits wide. These inputs may be supplied from a single source. See Figure 34 on page 67 for jabber timing parameters.

Added Typ values to Vcc current. RJ connections shown for standard NIC. Must be tied to ground through a This pattern must be repeated at least three times. Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

If no link is detected in seconds programmable it reverts back to the low power sleep state. Center-tap current may be supplied from 3. Contact your local Intel sales office datasbeet your distributor to obtain the latest specifications and before placing your product order. Requires either a 3. Table lxt9971ale presents a complete register listing.


Supports JTAG boundary scan. If the link pulses stop, the data transmission is disabled. Integrated, programmable LED drivers. An external 25 MHz clock source, rather than a crystal, is frequently used in switch applications. The speed is set automatically, once the operating conditions of the network link have been determined. If JTAG port is not used, these pins do not need to be terminated.

The LED pins are sensitive to polarity and automatically pull up or pull down to configure for either open drain or open collector circuits 10 mA Max current rating as required by the hardware configuration. The LED changes lxt971xle blinks when a collision occurs. When the stretch timer expires the edge detector is reset so that a long event causes another pulse to be generated from the edge detector which resets the stretch timer and causes the LED driver to remain asserted.

LXT971ALE Datasheet

The OSP signal processing scheme also lxy971ale substantially less computational logic than traditional DSP-based designs. Unless otherwise specified tolerance: They revert back to the values that were read in during the last hardware reset. The MDIO interface consists of a physical connection, a specific protocol that runs across the connection, and an internal set of addressable registers.

It includes a state machine, data register array, and instruction register.