Full text of “M – Machine Gun Manual – TM ” . MB/MG – Designed as a tripod mounted or bipod supported machine gun for use by. The M, officially the Machine Gun, Caliber mm, M, is the US military designation for .. (×51mm NATO); Maximum effective range: 1, meters with tripod and T&E (the latest FM reads 1, m); Maximum range: 3, meters . MB, MM MACHINE GUN. JANUARY . *This publication supersedes FM , 29 February and FM ,. 26 January.

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After 1 5 minutes, clear your weapon WP M240 case should be serviceable. When the trigger is pulled to the rear, the rear of the sear lowers and disengages from the sear notch.

Mt bipod assembly is used to fire from the prone position. Place safety of infantry trigger housing assembly to “F” fire position. Slide the butt stock upward straight up and remove it from the receiver Figure Check for broken grips, bent cable guide, loose nut and bolt, and chipped or cracked trigger housing holding lug. Inspect external surfaces for adequate finish.

FM Chapter 3 MB Machine Gun

Retrieved November 21, Number, gives you the number of the item illustrated. He checks the traversing handwheel scale to ensure the “0” on the scale is aligned with the “0” index line before and after the two revolutions.

When the round is fully seated in the chamber, the extractor snaps over the extractor rim of the cartridge, and the ejector is depressed. The rate of fire may be controlled by three different gas regulator settings. The traversing bar connects the two rear legs.


This should be applied to the interior of the gas cylinder and the gas piston immediately after cleaning or after inspection. You, the user, are the only one who can tell use what you don’t like about your equipment. Do not use CLP on the collar, gas block, or body.

M240 machine gun

Pulls the cocking handle to the rear, locking the bolt. The weapon functions automatically as long as ammunition is fed into it and the trigger is held to the rear. The gunner wipes the weapon with warm soapy water if it is available.

Driving Spring Rod Assembly. Driving spring rod assembly. Cover assembly springs, and feed pawls. Titanium was used to make the receiver body, front sight post, and carrying handle while maintaining steel operating m240bb components.

A stoppage is any interruption in the cycle of functioning caused by faulty action of the weapon or faulty ammunition. W ipe oil from exposed surfaces with clean wiping rag item 7, WP From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

M machine gun – Wikipedia

Government ttm and their contractors. These teeth allows the operator to securely place a belt of ammunition on the feed tray, while at an upright angle, and not have the belt slip out while closing the cover. Check the sear spring, ensuring the leg of the spring is behind the trigger pin and not between the trigger and the pin. Return cocking handle to forward, locked position.

The last link in a belt cannot be pushed out and is cleared during the unloading. Clean and lubricate as required. Broken of damaged sear spring. Twist scraper clockwise to remove carbon from center hole until scraper is fully seated against gas regulator plug.


A side effect is a weapon that will not fire when extremely dirty as the energy on the piston is reduced. Two main criteria analyzed were “mean rounds between stoppages” MRBS, malfunctions that can be cleared within minutes and “mean rounds between failures” MRBF, such m420b a part breaking. Turn gas regulator plug clockwise to remove carbon from groove on gas regulator plug. Clean and apply frequently.

Heat shield missing or broken so as to allow contact with metal MB only. This paragraph discusses the field-expedient means of this destruction; it does not replace published policies.

This section also discusses the ammunition adapter and the blank firing adapter for the MB machine gun. He performs the four-point safety check see Section III.

The gunner uses towelettes or soap and water as previously described. For more details, see FM Squeezing the trigger can cause accelerated wear on the trigger tripping lever, sear and operating rod, leading to a run-away gun. When cleaning the weapon, any of the previously mentioned cleaning lubricating agents can be used. He can also attempt to extract the round by closing the cover, taking the weapon off of safe, and pulling the trigger.

This section describes the MB machine gun and its components and purposes.

Ensures rearward pressure is kept on the cocking handle until the driving spring rod assembly is removed. Headspace is set by counting the clicks as the barrel is locked down and should be between two and seven clicks.

The assistant gunner helps the gunner m240v this.